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Nov 14, 2012 7:00am EST
tambien buende entrar a nuestra pagina de internet, y encontrara esta lista. ... el director de la administracion de seguridad en el transporte informo hoy sobre los inconvenientes que podrian enfrentar los viajeros durante los proximos dias festivos en aeropuertos y carreteras... claudia la temporada alta en los aeropuertos está apunto de comenzary con ello el dolor de cabeza para millones de pasajeros.. "a esperar alli en tsa porque ellos se tardan mucho, como una hora o hora y media." "que nos chequen, nos toquen por completo, de todo, de arriba abajo. eso ya es invasión personal. eso es la cosa que más molesta." por eso la gerencia de administración de seguridad en el transporte conocida como tsa anunció algunos cambios en los controles de seguridad para reducir las filas de espera. niños menores de 12 años de edad y pasajeros mayores de 75 años, no serán revisados como antes... "pasajeros de 12 años de edad o mayores de 75 años podrán mantener puestos sus zapatos para pasar sobre el control de seguridad. esto les facilita a nuestros oficiales enfocar
Nov 14, 2012 7:00am PST
capítulo en esta saga. el fbi y la cia rinden cuentas al congrso y vamosa brindarle los detalles. >>> andamos al revés parecer. >>> muy bien, okay. >>> qué haces en el norte y anoche pedí que mandaran las fotos de cómo se mantienen calentitos con este frío- >>> raulito se nos fue para vegas y en qué andará!? >>> good morning por la mañana y hace un frío que se me congela hasta los huesos. le esxplico, ahora mismo comienza despierta américa y yo me despierto para despierta américa y la g ente va llegando al hotel después de la parranda y despierta américa trae todo lo que quiere saber con respecto a los grammy latinos! >>> aquí estamos en el punto estratégico para recibir a los artistas, prepárense muchachos y le damos buenos días a ana patricia gonzález. >>> mi rauli! bienvenido a las vegas y aquí la gente no duerme en la tremenda pachanga y todos están bien animados y mañana comienza la gran alfombra verde y bueno he estado trabajando muchísimo y les traigo las entrevistas que están buenísimas. también está maity qué tienes? >>> aquí se siente la emoc
Nov 14, 2012 7:00am PST
firefighter policies. >>> now, in el sobrante shortly after midnight near sherwood forest live. report ily, the fire started in the attic of the house. the dean soft roof, designed -- caused them to tear it apart. a firefighter was treated for an arm injury. the investigation into the car continues. the firefighters were able to be confined to the second floor and attic to the structure cheer behind me. it tooking crews about 20 get -- 20 minutes to get the damage out. >>> a 27-year-old man is recovering after being shot in the back at downtown ralph fan on 4th street between tam ill tie just and bin. -- and drove away. >>> 7:34, the manicked a of -- accused of mudding season kidnapping. deknee da law vega reaching out to those who -- janine de la vega reaching out to suspects who new torres. >> reporter: she is charged with attempts to contact the subjects near. he's charged three times. one sister said she's aware of the new charges. she could not thom about those new charges or tell me how he was doing. police arrested him in -- arrested him this morning for the murder and kidnapping of
Nov 14, 2012 7:00am PST
this morning in a fire in el sobrante. the injury happened at a home with a fire in the attic. all residents got out safely. >>> traffic and weather on your wednesday coming up right after the break. ,,,,,,,, >>> good morning. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the usual commute toward the pay gate backed up through the maze, 20 minutes while they turn the metering lights on. elsewhere, westbound 237 a little stop and go. you can see it from this live traffic camera in milpitas. looks like that to sanger road. that's your "timesaver traffic." for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> what a gorgeous sunrise today. and a beautiful day ahead as high pressure holding strong now, a few high clouds drifting overhead making the skies prettier this morning. temperatures in the 30s in some of the valleys so chilly, 40s and 50s elsewhere but by the afternoon get a load of this, 60s even some low 70s at the coastline. mid-70s in some of the warmest valleys. enjoy it. this will be the nicest one, cooler tomorrow, maybe rain on friday. captions by: caption colorado ,, ,,
Nov 13, 2012 6:00pm PST
a visit today el camino high school. kids were terrific. >> that is a late development tonight on the crab season. >> looks like you'll >>> a deal has just been reached on wholesale price of crab this season. after some wrangling, buyer as agreed to demands of $3 a pound meaning average retail price runs around $7. the commercial crab season begins tomorrow morning at dawn. first catches should hit the market thursday or friday. >> workers at railly's stores could be soon back at work. employees cheered this news today. raillies wanted to get rid of health care benefits for retirees eligible for medicare. they did share this piece of information. >> i can tell you the primary objective for maintaining medical for family members and retirees has been maintained. gogss. unconventional choice in selecting a new state park director, picking this man, former commander of marine corps installations throughout the west. the last director forced to resign over millions in a fun that went unspent. the governor issuing a statement is that it will be restored. >> as abc 7 news continues tonight we're
Nov 14, 2012 6:00am PST
responsible for helping to get angus king ele elected. the race is on to line up political allies before negotiations start tuesday. the president met with the labor community today. he holds that first press conference since his re-election and will meet with congressional leaders at the end of the week, all of this because the one takeaway from the failed 2011 fiscal talks was the need to have an outside game. joining me now patti murray and a member of last year's super committee, the group that tried to reach a deal to avoid sequestrati sequestration. i apologize to come to you late wanting to get senator elect king's official announcement there that he's joining your caucus. >> that's great. >> i assume you would have been surprised if he had come to any other conclusion? >> well, i had a chance to talk with him last night. i think he's going to be a great member of our kau can cuss, a good, strong voice on issues that i care about deeply and we welcome him. >> let's talk about what you would like to hear from the president today when it comes to the fiscal cliff. i've talked to a l
Nov 14, 2012 7:00am EST
down with him, so clear how much more there was to him besides just the chisell eled b. he is a sculptor. foot rubs in return from jenna and so in love with his wife. >> so in love with his wife, which is sexy. >> he is ready to be a dad. he is ready to just have his family. he is as well rounded -- you hope for the perfect package, channing is it, a good guy. >> the beauty, you can page through this and see lots and lots of sexy guys, you have the chill guy section, on that list, love this list, my favorite, george clooney, hugh jackman and blake shelton. >> that is a hot trifecta. >> well, george, of course. we asked these guys what is your idea of a good time? george said his idea is friends and family, late night different on some lake in italy. >> lake como, right? >> and then blake shelton, being at home watching the arizona cardinals game. >> normalcy. >> look at blake. let's see that. >> exactly. and he just loves his family. he is all about pancakes, having a flat white, australian for a latte. >> a section in here called ed shades of grey" not what you think. guy
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)